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Welcome to Deon van der Merwe's photographic Website.
My primary photography is from Motor Sport and wildlife/ scenic Photography but I cover a wide spectrum of events. My passion for motor sport has led me to the tracks around Gauteng sporting my camera.

Racing photographs are not altered in any way ( as shot) and resized for loading on website by the Monday after each event attended.Scenic photos may be cropped from original resized for saving bandwidth on internet. Pictures are updated and change frequently.

You may view these pictures in the Gallery by searching topic. The thumbnails are low resolution and copyright protected. If you wish to order any of my photos, which are available in various sizes and format, just email me at deon@deonvdmerwephotography,co,za, with photo name and state whether you like a Cd, Dvd, print or poster.

Upon receipt of email request I’ll submit you a quote.

Media gets special arrangements.


I am looking for a position as an Off-Road team photographer or sponsorship with space on my website and on my vehicle as a way of covering costs covering the Northern Regions and National Of-Road Championships and other MotorSport events. If you or your company may be interested please contact me ASAP.

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Why a Photographer

Why should you hire me as your photographer?
That's easy, I have trained and went on courses and spent countless hours to get the perfect shot, and not to menschen the thousands of rands spent on equipment to be able to take the best photo quality available.

Backup security

If you lose your photos don't worry I keep all my shots in a secure place under your name. No one can get to it and I will never resell your images to anyone without your consent. To retrieve your lost photos cost R0 that's right I will give you your photos back for no charge at all in fact if I'm unable to retrieve your photos I will give you double your money back.